Saturday, 31 December 2011


Amazing Amazon ..... less than 24 hours after ordering a Battery Recharger for my Canon 400DE it dropped through my letterbox!  Ordered from Amazon but sent from Macro.Supplier.
Now I can get some images taken for this blog.

In the meantime I have done experiments with roofing tile impress moulds from Malcolms Miniatures and they work very well once texture and a paint wash has been applied.  Using this impress mould will save me a lot of time..... I have also bought impress moulds for stone walls and will most likely buy some of the moulds for brickwork - they work very well with DAS air drying clay.



An Exhibition for the Dolls House Hobby which encompasses everything from D.I.Y. to Fine Art collectables is taking place at the N.E.C.  Birmingham in March 2012.

I will be attending on Sunday March 18th to see which bits and pieces take my eye.  As my birthday is only 2 days away from the 18th I can see myself spending quite a bit......

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Friday, 30 December 2011


Have made and fitted the balcony using 3mm dowel rods for the railings.  The balcony gives an outside walkaround to the whole front of the house.  I have deliberately built it at a slight "cockeyed" angle and have made sure that the railings are not all straight.  Further distressing and breakages will be made later in the build.

No pics at the moment as my camera Battery Charger cannot be found (probably left it in Malta on our last holiday) so I am awaiting a replacement from Amazon.

The next job is to have a go at the roof.  I have some roofing tile impress moulds from Malcom's Miniatures and will experiment with those.  If they dont look right then its back to my old system - lots of card cutout rectangles!  (hope the impress moulds do their job!).

Thats it for now - sit and talk to wifey for a bit then back to the house.....

Dont drink and craft .......

Thursday, 29 December 2011


The scale of the building is 1/24.  That is 1/2 inch equalling 1 foot.  The dimensions are:-
Width       - 11 inches
Depth       - 10 inches
Height      - 11 inches (up to the eves)

The Warhammer figures are built to 28mm scale which is smaller than 1/24 but as the House is already part built I have to keep to that scale.

Luckily my daughter is doing undead figures such as Vampires and Skeletons to go with it and they are a good size.  The building would NOT work with the smaller figures such as gnomes.

Warhammers scale of 28mm is arbitrary and confusing as "28mm" could mean up to the eyes of the figure or to the top of any headwear - it is not explained.  It is also not explained which figures are the 28mm "norm" from which the others are scaled.  In consequence some of the figures do not even scale properly to each other or the commercial terrain and buildings.  Just take a look at some of the Gametables in Games Workshop to see the mismatches.

So, in future, I will just have to adjust scale depending on which figures are going to be occupying the diorama.

Right - Off to bed to read some of my latest Simon Scarrow book and relax before putting in a few hours on the model tomorrow.

Mind those sharps objects and dont sniff the glue!

A NEW START ......

Usually I tend to flit from one pastime/hobby to another in rather short succession.  All well and good and it keeps me busy but I never actually seem to get anything completed!
That, hopefully, will now change .... My dearest daughter has just started to assemble and paint Warhammer Fantasy figures.  On a visit to me and her Mum over Xmas she spotted a Haunted House I had started to build over a year ago and wondered if it could be completed to form a diorama with some of her figures.
*That* was the nudge I needed! --- I know that I will finish something if I am doing it for someone else so I readily agreed to do it.

So - the first part of this Blog will be all about the Haunted House from part built to finish.  Not sure how long it will take but I am sure I will have great Fun! working on it.

A little background on me:-

Retired and love having a go at creative pastimes/hobbies: Pyrography, Woodturning, Scratch Model making, Woodcarving, Scrollsaw work etc etc.
I am a jack of all trades and master of none - due mainly to my flitting from one thing to another.  Now that I am focused on getting the Haunted House completed I should get better at it as I go on.

Here is a picture of the part built house:-

The image could have been better and I intended to give different views but my Camera Battery went dead.  More pics later :)
It will be an abandoned house fronting onto a graveyard and rather dilapidated so I can have Fun! later distressing it :)
Right thats the point I am starting from.  The first thing to do will be to build and place an upstairs balcony.