Friday, 24 February 2012


I have been getting hits from people using google and searching for "warhammer scale".  As I mentioned the problem with scale in an earlier post and that is coming up in searches I thought I would elaborate a little on the actual scale I am using for all miniatures that are sold as anything from 28mm to 30mm.
If you have a look here:-
Size differences
You will see that there are differences across most companies making miniatures although they are (mostly) advertising as 28mm.  That is because some are using 28mm as the height to the eyes, some to the top of their heads and others to the top of their hats.  Not very useful for scratch builders eh?

For things like rubble, tiles, bricks then the 1:48 scale can be used.  If you are using railway terrain then their "0" scale will suffice.  However the actual scale against 28mm is around 1:64.... which is 3/16th of an inch to a foot.  That is approx 4.8mm to a foot.

Now I am not using less than a millimetre in any measurement so I use 5 or 6 millimetres to a foot depending on which miniatures I am building for.  Some variance in buildings is no big deal - it happens in RL too.  Just make sure the miniature fits through the doorway in a realistic way and then use the doorway as the scale setter for the rest of the building.

Hope that helps a little.;  I know that there are some in depth discussions out there but thought I would just cut to the chase and give the solution I use.

Let me know if it helps - if it doesn't then go join the in depth discussions ..... while you are arguing I will be building .....

To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Ok - so I have neglected this Garden of Morr project for a week or so.  Thats because I dont need to have it ready until the 18th March.  That is the date of "Miniatura" - (  My daughter is picking me up and we are both going to that event.  I aim to give her the completed Garden then and she can introduce her Undead to it.

I know that Miniatura is really a dolls house event but there will be a good few exhibitors selling materials etc that we can make use of - besides its a good day out with my "little girl" :)

Instead of working on the Garden I have been experimenting with an old idea of mine.  Years ago I started to build an Olde America West town (around 1850 - wild west era).  Eventually I dumped it as figures were hard to come by in the UK then and an empty town I didnt want!  Nowadays the figures are easy to obtain and are great with good accuracy and high detail.  Also the building material needed is also cheaper and more easily sourced.

I have purchased cowboy figures from Black Scorpion and Wargamesfoundry so that I can get the scale of the buildings correct.  The figures from Black Scorpion are resin and the ones from the Foundry metal.  Both are reasonably priced but the Black Scorpion order took twice as long as the Foundry one.  They blamed being "incredibly busy" for the long delay.  Well I will help them out by not ordering from them again!

The Old West construction will be featured on another Blog but this week I will be finishing the Garden project.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


As I said - just a little interlude and very quick and simple to make.  I reckon it turned out OK though.  It certainly gave me some fun anyway :)

I managed to creep a little closer and took a nearer image - shhh - dont waken him....

The ground is just a fine sandpaper with a coarser sand and small grit dropped onto it.

The bricks are individually cut from Cork Sheet and stuck to foam board in a "not too precise" manner.  A little tedious but, I think, better than scribing bricks into foam.

Anyway - relief over, now back to the main model......