Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Following are images of the finished Garden of Morr.

Once my daughter receives it she may decide to add her own little touches along with her figures - we will wait and see :)

You will notice that the vegetation inside the Garden is almost all dead- just a scattering of moss and the odd weed.  That, of course, is the influence of the Undead that occupy the site.....

This is the first major piece of Games Workshop plastic stuff that I have ever made.  I must admit it was fun and I learnt quite a lot from doing it.  I will probably do a Tower or something from GW later.  In the meantime I am going to resume working on the Haunted House building, which is much larger, and start on the Old West Town.

I was going to feature the Town on its own website but have come to the conclusion that a Blog lends itself more to this kind of "serial builds" than a website would.  So the Old West Town will have its own Blog.

I will, of course, link to that Blog from here once I have something to show.

Any critique would be most welcome ... please ...

A Daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend...


  1. It looks great! My zombies will look perfect occupying it! And maybe the odd skeleton! Looks brilliant :)

  2. .... as long as the skeleton is painted ....

  3. Thank you, Sir.
    After viewing your work I really appreciate your comment.
    I also note that you create Old West buildings so I, no doubt, will be popping over now and again for a looksee and probably get some ideas from the designs :)