Wednesday, 21 March 2012


OK - I am still alive and well.  Just dragging my feet a little.

The Garden is finished and I will put up an image later before it goes to my daughter so she can pose her figures with it.

At the moment I am working on producing an olde American west town with appropriate figures (circa 1860s).  That is taking a while as I am experimenting with different methods of building construction.  The scale will be 1/50 to match the average figures available.  I have almost decided on the method to use.

However I am not too happy with using a Blogg for the project as bloggs are a little restrictive.  I am therefore brushing up on my HTML.  If I can remember/relearn enough then I will probably make a website for the Cowboy project.  My interest is more with Cowboy figures than with Fantasy ones so a website makes sense to me.  I will, however, still dabble with Fantasy builds and will be buying some of their good stuff in a couple of weeks time when my daughter and I take a trip to Nottinghams Foundry and Games Workshop.

Hmm - there are some very good Old West buildings on this Blog :- 

If I can manage something of that quality then I will be a happy man!

A Daughter may outgrow your lap but never your heart .....

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