Friday, 30 December 2011


Have made and fitted the balcony using 3mm dowel rods for the railings.  The balcony gives an outside walkaround to the whole front of the house.  I have deliberately built it at a slight "cockeyed" angle and have made sure that the railings are not all straight.  Further distressing and breakages will be made later in the build.

No pics at the moment as my camera Battery Charger cannot be found (probably left it in Malta on our last holiday) so I am awaiting a replacement from Amazon.

The next job is to have a go at the roof.  I have some roofing tile impress moulds from Malcom's Miniatures and will experiment with those.  If they dont look right then its back to my old system - lots of card cutout rectangles!  (hope the impress moulds do their job!).

Thats it for now - sit and talk to wifey for a bit then back to the house.....

Dont drink and craft .......

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