Saturday, 31 December 2011


Amazing Amazon ..... less than 24 hours after ordering a Battery Recharger for my Canon 400DE it dropped through my letterbox!  Ordered from Amazon but sent from Macro.Supplier.
Now I can get some images taken for this blog.

In the meantime I have done experiments with roofing tile impress moulds from Malcolms Miniatures and they work very well once texture and a paint wash has been applied.  Using this impress mould will save me a lot of time..... I have also bought impress moulds for stone walls and will most likely buy some of the moulds for brickwork - they work very well with DAS air drying clay.



An Exhibition for the Dolls House Hobby which encompasses everything from D.I.Y. to Fine Art collectables is taking place at the N.E.C.  Birmingham in March 2012.

I will be attending on Sunday March 18th to see which bits and pieces take my eye.  As my birthday is only 2 days away from the 18th I can see myself spending quite a bit......

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