Thursday, 29 December 2011

A NEW START ......

Usually I tend to flit from one pastime/hobby to another in rather short succession.  All well and good and it keeps me busy but I never actually seem to get anything completed!
That, hopefully, will now change .... My dearest daughter has just started to assemble and paint Warhammer Fantasy figures.  On a visit to me and her Mum over Xmas she spotted a Haunted House I had started to build over a year ago and wondered if it could be completed to form a diorama with some of her figures.
*That* was the nudge I needed! --- I know that I will finish something if I am doing it for someone else so I readily agreed to do it.

So - the first part of this Blog will be all about the Haunted House from part built to finish.  Not sure how long it will take but I am sure I will have great Fun! working on it.

A little background on me:-

Retired and love having a go at creative pastimes/hobbies: Pyrography, Woodturning, Scratch Model making, Woodcarving, Scrollsaw work etc etc.
I am a jack of all trades and master of none - due mainly to my flitting from one thing to another.  Now that I am focused on getting the Haunted House completed I should get better at it as I go on.

Here is a picture of the part built house:-

The image could have been better and I intended to give different views but my Camera Battery went dead.  More pics later :)
It will be an abandoned house fronting onto a graveyard and rather dilapidated so I can have Fun! later distressing it :)
Right thats the point I am starting from.  The first thing to do will be to build and place an upstairs balcony.

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