Sunday, 1 January 2012


Here are a couple of images of the part built Haunted House:-

Left Side

Right Side


... and a few of my machines:-


From the right - Proxxon table saw and a small Proxxon router table (Shaper).  The other machine on the left is a Scrollsaw.

Disc and Belt Sander

The machine to the left is a Dremel Workstation and serves as a miniature drill press for 1.5mm and less drill bits.

Drill Press

Cheap but does the job - and that is what matters!

Wood Lathe

I also have various other small machines such as a Pyrography burner from Peter Childs, a Dremel with 2 Flex cables one fitted for drilling and one for carving and a few others.

As I have stated before - Jack of all trades but Master of none!

Keep eating - but for sustenance not just enjoyment.......

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