Thursday, 26 January 2012


Just checking in!

Been a little busy the last few days.  Needed a little more elbow room in my den as it was a little too chaotic and cramped for the projects I intend to do.

Moved my light tent setup to another room as the footprint for it is quite large for something that is only used for a few minutes at a time.  So I now have my woodlathe, associated tools and wood etc, plus the light tent setup, in a small box room and everything else in my daughters old room.  (Mind you - I would vacate it in a heartbeat if she had to return home for any reason).

Moving the photo setup gave me a good 6 feet (multiply that by 12 for inches if you don't use "feet") by 3 feet space.  That has given me another workspace on the right of my original workdesk that I will use for "clean" work (plans, marking out, pyrography etc) and the original desk will be used for painting, airbrushing gluing etc - all accessible by swinging my high back leather pedestal chair around - luxury!

My small wood working machines are on my left hand side and easily accessible with another, smaller, swivel chair.

I have also ordered, and received, some more impress moulds in 1/48 scale.  This is more like the Games Workshop 28mm models and also some 30mm models I will be doing later ... but that will be another Blog.

I bought the impress moulds from the following link.  This is the second order from Malcolm and the delivery and service is spot on ... recommended:-

So - now we are up-to-date and my next task is to build the extra walls for the perimeter fence using the impress moulds.

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