Monday, 16 January 2012


Have done the 3 Mausoleums and have tried for the darkish, part neglected and weather worn look - see what you think:-

3 Mausoleums

The Stench of the Old, Death and Decay

Whilst these are finished for the moment there are still jobs to do on them once I have built a base for the Diorama.

Some of the things are moss (I need to know which way the buildings face first of course), windblown leaves etc.

It should be noted that the actual shade of the spikes etc are not as bright as the images show - the lights I use for my light tent cause that.  It isnt such a big problem that the solution cannot wait a while though.

I am enjoying building and painting this set.  There are quite a few ways to approach it which makes it interesting for me.

The next job is the fence/gates pieces.  Then the 3 Tombs which will NOT be covered by the Mausoleums.  Then I will need to add scratch stone walling to the fences and design and build the Diorama baseboard.  Lots to do yet :)

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  1. Very nice! The overall colour helps to being out the details such as the posts and flowery things and skulls - defiantly looking like the perfect place for the undead to live :-)

  2. It looks better in the flesh - the lights are a little too harsh and tend to flatten the detail.
    Its a very good set - one of the best I have ever seen from GW.

  3. Oh yes : I deliberatly painted the flowery things as dead/dying :)

  4. Oh yeah, wouldn't look right for pretty flowers to be growing there :-)
    Maybe perhaps GW has changed a lot since your last visit there - I've loved the details in the miniature army's - I bet a lot of their scenery is just as good as this one - there's a tower I noticed the other day which looks good also

    But think its a good plan to make some of your own stuff too, then it's very individual and also get to show off your talent for making stuff from scratch :-)

  5. I spotted one yesterday that was "not GW" and looked great. Will try to find it again as I must have thrown my note away :(

  6. quite the nice job, were I one of the undead I'd be ready to move in as soon as the weeds were planted in the garden.

  7. Lol - thank you :) Weeds and things will certainly be planted in various places. I am having more fun that I thought I would doing this.