Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Decided to paint the statue itself as a Bronze figure.  Used a black wash for the shadows and then a slightly stickier green wash to represent verdigris.  That doesnt appear via the camera very well but does in the "flesh".  Quite pleased with that.

Mixed a kind of bleached and weathered bone shade and did the skulls.

Then I did the dead and dying roses bushes (or whatever they are) and then gave a few "dirty" washes over all the statue and plinth.
Not too sure about any highlighting - the bronze of the statue shows ok - so will have a think about that for tomorrow.  Any hints are welcome :)

Clicking on an image will enlarge it :)

Statue and Plinth

Statue and Verigris

Bit sad that my new paints didnt arrive but I will tuck into a Curly Wurly and cheer myself up!

Havent used any gravel/grass etc on the base itself yet.  That will be done when ALL the Garden is completed and I add a base for it all.

More tomorrow....


  1. Oh wow! looks very effective in the bronze - and you can see the green on the pic - gives it a nice weathered type of look. impressed - guess the painting does run in the genes then!

  2. Now, now - you know very well that I never wear things like that......

  3. Knew there was a 'jeans' comment coming!