Sunday, 22 January 2012


I have finished painting the boundary fences and walls for the time being.  Just like the Statue and Mausoleums there will be more to do after the design of the base etc is finalised.  For instance - observant viewers will have noted that the "footings" of the walls and fences have just been left grey and unadorned for the moment.  The finish of those will depend on the base.

I have only posted images of 2 fence/wall pieces as they are very alike.  Later pics will, of course, show more :)

I have not made the scratch wall pieces needed for the expansion of the footprint yet.  I want to get the GW bits painted first before I move on to the rougher brushes for the base etc.

Oh yes - and before the Undead move in weeds will be planted to make them feel at home (Thanks Jim

The next job will be the Tombs.  They could be placed under the Mausoleums and form their bases but I felt it would be a waste.  I am therefore treating them as stand alone tombs.

I haven't given much thought to the exact design yet.  I will probably follow my nose and instincts when all the pieces are ready.  However, I will most likely use the Bronze Statue as the centre and have the rest radiating out from it - we shall see.

So - onward and upward.

Go to bed with a smile ........ and wake up happy in the morning.

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