Sunday, 8 January 2012


OK back again after a day off playing games :)

My daughter expressed an interest in the piece of Warhammer Scenery "Gardens of Morr".  I had a look at bits and pieces on the 'net and decided to buy it and have a go.

I like making my own buildings etc but I really like the detail on this product and it lends itself to modification possibilities by adding my own scratch built objects to it for a large Diorama.

I walked up to my local Games Workshop (just 10 minutes away) and was lucky to get the last one in the shop!  Buying it involved a process of refusing paints, glues, brushes etc as I already have a large stock of such items - even after gifting my daughter a few items .... but it has always been "hard sell" at GWs.

Surprised to find that they no longer do rule books etc for games such as "En Garde" that I used to play through the University Zines in the '80s.  Maybe the students today spend more time in the Nightclubs than playing such games (?).  A shame really as it would be much easier now to play such "play by mail" games via todays electronic means.

I digress.....

Walked back home and opened the box.  I was pleasently surprised to find it filled with 4 sprues and no padding!  Also surprised by the level of detail on the mouldings and lack of the many moulding marks I was used to in my old "Games Workshop" days

I am looking forward to painting this Piece and will do so in tandem (hence the title) with the House.  That will help prevent me getting "browned off" with doing just one thing.  I am the same with quite a few things.  For example I always have 3 or 4 books on the go at a time

Just a couple of Images:-

The Box

Just One of the Sprues

Stick to the task - not the glue!


  1. You really can see the detail in the design! Impressive! Especially as im used to working with the small figures it's nice to see something bigger!

  2. Lol _ it also helps that I use a camera and not a comms device :p