Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Materials needed for the House arrived yesterday.  I am now able to complete the roof parts.
I de-sprued and cleaned up the parts of the "Gardens of Morr".  To my great surprise there was no "flash" at all - a great improvement in the moulds since I last touched Warhammer models.  All that was need was a smoothing of the areas where the mouldings had been attached to the sprue.  That was accomplished with a Mora wood carving knife (razor sharp) and a small wood rasp.

There are 5 distinct parts to the Model and I placed the parts for them into separate boxes to avoid mistooks and errors ..... (translation - I dont want any Senior Moments!).

As the Crypts and Chapel have windows and doors that can be seen through it will be necessary to paint the insides of them - including the detailing on the floors and tombs.

I have decided to paint one part at a time.  I never did like "batch" painting and this way I get some fruits of my labours sooner.

Have started with the Statue and Plinth as that will be the quickest to do and will reward me faster.  I first primed it with a mid grey from my airbrush.  Using the airbrush gives me a thinner coat and helps retain the deeper details.  The reason for mid grey is that, although the model overall will not be bright, there are vines and roseheads on the Plinth.  I will use a dark green and dark red for those and then a dark wash.

The Statue itself will probably be painted an aged bronze.  I will practice on a sprue piece first to see if I can get the effect I want.

I tend to keep some sprue pieces as they can be made into battlefield wreckage, building adornments etc by carving and warming/bending.

So that was it for yesterday.  Today I need to get some Acrylic paints (I gave my old Citadel ones to my daughter).  I will NOT be getting the Citadel ones as the coverage they give is not really good enough for the scratch Buildings etc that I usually do.  I also prefer the Dropper Top bottles such as Vallejo as precise colour mixing is easier to do.  For example: 3 drops of white to 1 drop of red gives a certain shade of pink.  If I want that shade again then I mix it the same.

The paint I mix doesnt dry out as I use a Wet Palette.  You can buy them but they are easy enough to make and I have several small containers to use as wet palletes.  I used to put 3 or 4 mixes into one long box but found that they intermingled too easily so now will do one mix per container.  If you fancy making one then there is a tute here:-

Right - Off to build a new desk tidy, then to the shops, then start painting the Statue, then...... ??  Retirement life is a busy one .....


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