Friday, 13 January 2012


Not much done today.  I usually work on my models whilst my wife is away at work.  However today was one of my Gym days and wifey comes with me so, as I dont like leaving her alone whilst I am in my Den, it was a Rest Day.  I did manage to build and paint a base coat on the mausoleums and  gave them a black wash but nothing else.  I did that between 6am and going to the Gym at 8am.

I have decided to treat the tombs that form the base of the mausoleums as separate from them.  That way I can make the diorama quite a bit bigger and I will probably link the present railings with sections of scratch built stone walls so that they will stretch around the enlargement.

There will therefore be the statue and plinth, 3 mausoleums, 3 tombs and the combined railings and scratch walls.


I played a bit more with Anno 2070 and, despite the forums still being down, I now feel as though I am "getting it".  In fact a light bulb suddenly turned on and I can  see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am hoping that the forum, when/if it appears next week, will host a decent Tree of Technology - that would help a lot.


Children brighten a home - they never turn the lights out....

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