Thursday, 12 January 2012


Hurray!! my new paints arrived today.  I have used Vellajo paints in the past and have a fondness for them. I therefore decided to use them from the start this time.
I ordered a set of 40 from DRUM AND FLAG on Ebay and was very pleased with the service.  I will most certainly buy from there again.

Had to redo my Desk Tidy to fit the paints:-

The pots on the top shelf are fixed with woodscrews.  The next shelf carries small measuring tools, cocktail sticks, cotton buds, a couple of paint washes and a small measuring cup.
The paints sit in their own round depression in the shelf for stability.  There are a few spare spaces but it will be easy to extend the shelving if needed.
Under the bottom shelf are a few fine grade sandpaper blocks.
The block at the front of the Desk Tidy I use for gluing and painting.  It saves getting the self healing cutting mats soiled.

So that was todays work .... tomorrow it is Gym day but I should get a little painting done.  I have primed the pieces already.