Monday, 23 April 2012


Yep - as well as the Hobby List decision made in the previous post I have made a further one.....

That was to NOT buy a consol of any kind but, instead, to buy bicycles for my wife and myself.  There are a lot of cycle trails around my home town of Leicester and as we attend the gym 3 times (or more) a week it seemed a good idea to take our fitness into a Real World environment where we can have further Fun!
So we now have a Hybrid bike each and spent a few hours yesterday bouncing around canal towpaths and getting saddle sores :)
We passed and met a lot of other cyclists on the way and we were amazed at the camaraderie and friendly politeness of them.  Not to forget to mention various types of delightful canines being taken for walks by their owners.
It was another world - no sense of rush.  Just people enjoying themselves, their bikes, families and their pets ... much better than an Xbox, PS3 or a handheld.....

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