Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Well we visited Games Workshop World and have to report it isnt as big as it looks on the website.

Most space is taken up by the Gaming Hall - which doesnt really interest me as I burnt out on that type of wargaming years ago.  I am simply building and painting for personal satisfaction.

However the displays in glass cabinets are excellent.  The work is of the highest quality and can be inspirational or off putting depending on the kind of person you are.  Me - I found inspiration especially with some of the cased and boxed dioramas.

The shop there is rather small.  It includes a couple of gaming tables and shelves of "stuff" round the sides.  However the shelves are poorly lit (especially the bottom couple of rows) and it is dificult to see when searching for a particular product.  In the end we gave up and got the shop assistant to fetch them for us.
  They guarantee to supply any Game Workshop product you require.  If they havent got it on the (poorly liit) shelves then they will get it straight from the onsite warehouse within 3 hours.  Good service.  Did I mention the poorly lit shelves?

The "pub" there is large and they do meals which are of a reasonable price given that they cater for a "captive" customer.  It was hot, well prepared and served with a smile - great to see :)  The souvenir shop is in the Pub and, predictably, the prices are a tad high.  Example a pocket watch (which I had my eye on before going) had a nice engraving of the pub emblem on the front and looked good under the lights.  However I could have got the same watch without engraving for about £10.  The price of the engraved watch? - £30!!  Now I aint tight but for £30 I can get a much better quality wind up watch, with age, tastefully engraved at Melton Mowbray antiques market.

It was a nice visit though - dont get me wrong - and we came away with some good stuff.  My daughter shows hers on her Blog here:-


I will show my purchases in another post.

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