Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Images follow of the boxes of the products I purchased.

They have both been out a while but I like them and they look good to paint.

I have started on the Chapel and have erected it to the point of being ready for a primer and painting.  The image following shows the erected Chapel and the bits lying around will be put on once everything is painted - it will be easier that way.
There are more pieces supplied as alternatives but they are in my "stash" ready to be cannibalised/modified/used in other projects I may do.  Always nice to have alternatives.

These will be slow builds because I have other irons in the fire such as my Haunted House.  I am also working on a little diorama built around a guillotine.  That diorama and the guillotine will be scratch built.
I have already got the background started and the image below shows that.  The diorama will be built into a box and will show the guillotine in early morning light.  The light will be provided by a small dollshouse bulb to make the diorama look as spooky as possible.

The white block is simply to hold the piece up for the camera.  

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